Ugh sappy mommy types.


I am constantly surprised by my reactions these days.  For instance, I cried when the boys got their first shots.  Why did I cry?  The “sappy mommy type” will say it was because it hurt me to hear them in pain.  Maybe, or maybe it was because they put us in a closet and called it an exam room.  Have you ever heard two, 2 month olds getting their shots at the same time in a closet?  Well it makes your ears bleed.  Then there was the reaction to strangers touching them.  I could possibly channel the Hulk and rip their hands off.  The “sappy mommy type” would say that’s my momma bear instinct coming out.  Maybe, or it is self preservation.  Germy hands equal sick babies.  Sick babies equal no sleep.  No sleep equals death to anyone who angers me.  Finally, there was the reaction today.  I finally returned to work.  When I returned home after a whopping seven hours away, I was so disappointed that my beautiful little boys were napping.  All I wanted to do was kiss them and hug them and do all those “sappy mommy type” things.  I have no other explanation; I am that sappy mommy that missed her little boys today.


3 thoughts on “Ugh sappy mommy types.

  1. awww…funny, I coulda cared less first day I went back to work, lol! Just kidding…it’s nice to kiss their little faces after being annoyed at work all day!

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