Becoming MOMMY.

When you become a mommy.

1. You stop using first names. Example: Mommy needs a drink.  Daddy did you take the trash out?  Aunt Jen for the love of god, stop calling the babies jerks!

2. When you reach into your purse to find your keys, you actually find a binky, a soiled diaper, and a receipt for babies “r” us.

3. While out, someone points out that you have something on your shoulder.  You instantly know that it is spit up and it is probably down your back too.

4. Your friends without children stop calling because it is highly unlikely you have a babysitter on standby.  And besides they now know, you can’t go to happy hour.

5. You start a “mommy” blog, so you can vent. Or just entertain yourself.  Or not to feel so alone.

6.  You now research websites containing  the words, baby, motherhood, kids and the like.  Instead of websites with the words, bar, vacation, and free time.

7.  You have and and continue to sound more and more like your own mother.

8.  You become less concerned with what J. Lo is doing and more concerned with what Yo Gabba Gabba is.  (BTW, what exactly is the red thing?  And don’t you find the man disturbingly happy)

9.  You are totally cool with poop

10. The weekly mani/pedi, body waxing appointments have moved to monthly (if you’re lucky) appointments.

It didn’t really hit me when I was pregnant.  I figured it would hit me when I gave birth, but it didn’t.  It hit me when I pulled that poopy diaper out of my purse.  Kind of a eye opener.  My life has changed and will never be the same again.  Now, there is a purpose to all that growing up I had to do.


(Daddy dressed him.)


One thought on “Becoming MOMMY.

  1. Because there is no better name than Mommy in the world! You’ll be saying in no time flat “Yup that’s my name don’t wear it out!” They may say Daddy first but they say Mommy far more times in their life time. It may shorten in time to Mom or it may lengthen in time to “oh M-o-t-h-e-r” when they’re teenagers but in their hearts you will always be “Mommy”. Or Mommy Dearest? haha-only kiddin

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