Say it ain’t so!!!!

Oh dear, it’s happening and I can’t stop it.  Although, I know it is the progression in all healthy babies, I feared this day.  I suspect most moms of multiples do.  I don’t think I’m that crazy for dreading this day. 


Crawling mean mobility and mobility means, new dangers in my house.  Which means, I have to baby proof everything.  Stupid door locks, which I have yet to master, gates for me to trip over when I’m half asleep.  Bumpers on Sharp corners. Ok, maybe that one would have come in handy before the babes were here. 

I know that this is a very important milestone.  And I realize that some parents can only dream of their babies being mobile.  And to those parents, I say, I am sorry, and wish you nothing but happiness and peace.  But, in my life right now, this is my nightmare. 

Two little boys crawling, then walking, then running around the house.  Doing destructive things, wrestling each other, the dog, and the cats.  (Which the cats will win that fight 100% of the time). The dog will always let them win.  She’s good like that.

The question is, will I make it out in one piece?



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