Ba ba go to hell.

What the hell is wrong with my children?  Are they intentionally trying to get me arrested today? 

It has been a long week and it is only Tuesday.  I am sick and I am tired.  So, this seems like the perfect week to fuss like they did when they had colic.  I cannot make them happy.  Lord knows, I pulled every trick out of my little mommy hat.  Wanna know what worked?  Singing ba ba black sheep.  Fine I will sing ba ba black sheep.  For two hours.  TWO.  Have you ever sung anything for two hours?  It literally makes your brain go numb. 

I found a video of the song.  (While I was singing).  Not the same, obviously, because the crying instantly started again.  Have you ever heard two babies scream in unison?  I have.  So, I sang until my brain went numb.  Guess what?  Twinkle twinkle little star, not the same.  Back to ba ba freaking black sheep.  Finally, they went to sleep.

The End.



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