Working with the public.

I work in retail.  I work for a large company.  I like my job sometimes.  I like the people I work with all the time.  I even like my customers, sometimes.  Today, was one of those days.

I have to leave by 1:40 at the latest, so Jason can make it to work on time.  So at 1:30 today, I was quickly finishing my work when a customer politely asked if I worked there.  I replied yes, how can I help you.  The gentleman was in his late forties with salt and pepper hair.  He asked if we carried any medicated bar soap.  I walked him over to the soaps and asked exactly what he was looking for. This was his reply:

I have pimples on my hiney and they won’t go away.  I showed him some different acne body washes and left before I could laugh in his face.

A side note, he grabbed his ass while explaining the problem to me.

That sums up my day at work.  And I was late getting home, and Jason was mad. 

The end


This story was lost on Lucy so I thought I would share it with you.



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