I don’t make eye contact in public anymore.

I have written on this topic before, however after my most recent encounter, I feel it needs to be reviewed.

When you see a mother or father out with their twin children.  It is not acceptable to ask stupid, invasive questions.  What are stupid invasive questions, you ask?  I will outline them for you:

Are they twins?

Are they natural?

Are you having anymore?

Do you have your hands full?

How do you do it?

Did you have trouble getting pregnant?

Are you tired?

Do you have help?

And my new personal favorite:

What position were you in when you conceived them?

Now some stupid statements to avoid:

You’ve got your hands full.

I have kids a year apart, its like having twins

I hope your not having anymore

Wow you must go through a lot of diapers.

Oh, so you couldn’t get pregnant on your own.  ( which is usually an assumption).

Double trouble

They must be; identical, faternal

Any statement that starts with, my sister, daughter, neighbor has twins.

Any unsolicited advice about the raising of my children.

Now here some acceptable responses to seeing twins out in public:

What a beautiful family

Can I get the door for you?

Go in front of me.

I bet they are a lot of fun.

Built in playmates!

They are handsome, beautiful.

Other than that, back off and just smile.

Thanks and this is the end of my public service rant.




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