It’s been a long strange trip.

As of tomorrow, 10-12-2012, it will be eight years, since I married my best friend.  It has been a long strange trip.  One that I wouldn’t change for anything in this world.

  You have been my rock, my playmate, my conscience, and so much more.  Thank you for always listening, even though sometimes you don’t understand.  Thank you for being my hero in regular clothes.  Thank you for never giving up on me or our life together.  I know that the first year of marriage was pretty rocky.  You saw what we had even then.  You are my soul mate, you are my everything.

When we met, you drug me out of the deep dark hole I was in.  You showed me that there is life after death, and loving and being loved is the most powerful drug in the world.  I am still high on you today.  I love you more each day that goes by.

You are the father of my children and the daddy to our pets.  You have the kindest, most romantic soul of anyone I ever met.  If our children become half the man you are, I will be thankful.  Everyone who knows you, loves you.  Sometimes, I get jealous.  I mean, come on, everyone??  But it just shows what kind of soul you have.

One my worst day, you can make me double over in laughter.  You make me laugh, Every. Single. Day.  You work so hard, always with a smile and joke. 

I love you more then anything I could express on WordPress.  I love you more then you could ever imagine.  Thank you for the best eight years of my life and here is to another sixty more.

Love always.



One thought on “It’s been a long strange trip.

  1. This was written with such Love Laura. I enjoyed reading this piece a lot. Very heartfelt and genuine. You two really have something special. Make sense-two special people-one special love!

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