Poop.  It’s a funny thing.  When you become a mother, everything revolves around it.  I spent years avoiding it and now, I spend my days knee deep in it.

Don’t get me wrong, I would still like to avoid it, but it seems, poop is everywhere I turn.  Poop in pants, poop on sheets, poop down the leg, poop under my fingernails.  Poop in the bathtub. 

When we to to the doctors, they ask about it.  What does it look like?  How often?  Color? Smell?  It’s gross.  But I find myself studying poop.  Afterall, I want to be able to answer the doctor’s questions.  Which leads me to the ultimate question….what the fuck happend to me?

Oh, that’s right, I became a mother.


Mister poopy pants and his brother, sir poops a lot.



4 thoughts on “Poop.

  1. It’s funny how life changes once you’re a parent. I eat lunch at work with people in their twenties and listen to what new restaurant they went to over the weekend and what new clothes they bought on their shopping excursions. Meanwhile, I fed my kid a Happy Meal from Mickey-d’s drive-thru and spent my “extra cash” on diapers & wipees

  2. As a new mom, I’ve had to google “normal baby poo” more times than I’d like to admit. Every single diaper was different for the first while and it scared the life out of me! Oh, the joys of parenthood!

  3. Welcome to the world of parenthood! Sorry to say, even after the kids grow up and leave, you may still get a call about their poop. Poop it seems never goes away completely!

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