Mommy’s future concussion.

As broccoli was getting thrown in my face tonight at dinner, I realized, maybe my children don’t like broccoli. 

After dinner, as a book got thrown at my head, I realized, maybe my children just like throwing things at me.  Maybe they don’t mind broccoli and I know they love their books, so maybe they are just trying to give me a concussion.

Which leads me to ask, why?  Is it because I make them go to sleep or get dressed or take fun toys away from them?  In my defense, I don’t believe toddlers should be playing with knives, or splintered wood.  Is it because mommy makes funny noises like ouch, and says things like, please no, not the plastic bat.

In their defense, they have concrete for skulls and what may hurt a mere mortal, has no effect on them.  For the record, they have their father’s head.  (Side note:  I’m so glad I had a c-section). 

Maybe this is just how little boys play.  Being a girl, I have no concept of how boys play.   Or maybe, they are future rugby players. 


Ben reading a book in his Halloween costume.


Alex looking to steal Ben’s book in his Halloween costume.



4 thoughts on “Mommy’s future concussion.

  1. I feel for you, I have a boy too and its just the way they play. Not to scare you but my son still throws things all the time and still throws stuff at me too. I know have spider senses and can duck things most the time even when he throws them from behind. I am sure you will acquire this skill too! Hugs

  2. You must learn to say…no, mommy is delicate-she will break. Once they they figure out that you don’t want to break the “one that feeds” them (remember motivation with little boys is ALWAYS food) little boys and lets just say big boys too!

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