Migraines, twins, and good friends.

Migraines are an awful thing.  They tend to be worse when you’re a parent.  I get migraines regularly.  I usually can maintain them with medication until it passes.  Sometimes, my drugs don’t work.  That’s what happend today.

I had been struggling with the pain for 3 days.  But today it hit me like a ton of bricks thrown at my skull.  I tried to put it aside and take care of the boys, but it was becoming increasingly clear, I was not capable of doing anything but crying.

I tried ice packs, pain medication, quiet dark places, walking, fresh air, water, nothing worked.  I tried eating something, and more pain killers.  Still nothing. 

At this point, Jason was calling family to come and either, watch the boys, or take me to the hospital.

There was no way the we were taking them, after our trip to the nursing home to visit my poppy.  You can read about that day, in my post titled, It’s been too long.

No one was available, I was in so much pain. Jason was calling everyone. Then my knight and shining armour came to my rescue. Thank you Kristi Lynn. Thank you for taking me to the hospital, staying with me and caring. It’s great to know we have friends like you. So, thanks again.

And of course, thank you Jason. You’re still the best.

And this could be why I have migraines.



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