The traveling circus.

The traveling circus is what my family will be referred to from now on. 

This is how I figure it.  Jason and I are like high wire tight rope walkers.  Spectators watch to see if we will fall and since we never operate with a net this is especially fun to sit back and watch.

The boys are like the dare devils walking through fire.  No danger is off limits for these two.  In fact, the more dangerous it is, the more inclined they are to want to do it.

And then our dog, Lucy.  She is the great lion.  The boys show off how they can put their heads in her mouth, make her jump and then sit like a lady.  Of course, this isn’t really how it goes, she is definitely not trained that well. 

The ringleader makes one final appearance, you guessed it, that would be me.  Usually, involves a costume change after my high wire act.  Then we close the show with screaming babies, a tired puppy and a few extra gray hairs for Jason and I.




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