Wasting my breath in Walmart.

The 10 most common phrases overheard me saying to my children in Walmart:

10.  Don’t touch

9.  Sit down on your butt.

8.  We are almost done.

7.  Ugh, why are you doing that?

6.  You are going to fall.

5.  Why do I bring you out in public?


3.  Don’t hit your brother.

2.  Oh. My. God.  We are almost done.

1.  Please stop.  We are leaving.


And that’s why I do a lot of online shopping.  Besides the boys like the boxes.



2 thoughts on “Wasting my breath in Walmart.

  1. I feel your pain! I actually wrote a similar piece to this one some time ago. Shopping with my 2 boys is one of my greatest dreads. Your list had me giggling as I could picture myself saying nearly every one of them.

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