Happy New Year!

We have reached some pretty awesome milestones in 2012.  We  had to say goodbye to some dear friends and family.  But we also said Hello! to new friends and family.

I cried tears of laughter, joy, and sorrow.  I watched my premie little babies turn into little boys.  We went from rolling, to crawling, to walking to running everywhere.  We started with dada, and ended the year with “sit there puppy”.

I watched in horror as lives were shattered.  Natural or man made, my heart broke into a thousand pieces.  I vowed to do more, I could have done more. 

We started the year with acid reflux and ended the year with a peanut allergy.  We celebrated the big 01 has well as 34 and 33.  ( although most days that feels like 84 and 83, respectfully).  We watched loved ones get married, engaged, divorced, and expand their families. 

We had hard days, and not too many easy days.  Still, we laughed everyday.  We talked, shouted, whispered, and screamed.  We loved with all our hearts. 

Thank you.  Thank you, everyone that has touched my life, that showed kindness to my children, and that laughed at my husband’s jokes. 

It’s time to put 2012 behind and ring in 2013.  Here’s to another crazy year with new milestones, new adventures, and new bad jokes from my husband.

Love you all.




One thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. It’s been a long tough year for sure but you already know the secret-laughter. A little laugh saves our sanity. So keep on smiling girl right through the terrible twos!

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