Spoiled rotten terrible.

My children received a ridiculous amount of presents from santa this year.  More than any child or in our case children, could possibly play with in a day. Side note: we are extremely blessed with amazing people who spoil our kids rotten.   Thank you all.

I spend upwards of two hours cleaning up toys everynight.  While cleaning up tonight, I started thinking.  How do I teach them (the terrible), that it’s not the stuff that matters?  It’s the moments, the connections, the memories that we make everyday, that’s important in life.

Of course they are always going to want stuff.  The newest, the latest toy.  That’s just being a kid.  I want to raise my boys to be good, giving and kind.  I don’t want them to feel defined by their “stuff”.  I don’t want them to define others by their “stuff”. 

At seventeen months, I don’t really need to worry about these questions right now.  But I will.  And five years will sneak up on me before I realize it.  Then what?

So here’s what I think we are going to do.  Birthdays will always be small.  We will pick a charity each year and donate to it instead of gifts.  Of course, mommy and daddy will buy them birthday gifts.  We did this for their first birthday and it was a huge success.  Then at Christmas time, we will let the spoilers do their spoiling.  (This includes mom and dad).   I can’t help but to love seeing their faces when they open a new toy or book.  It’s pretty amazing. 


Just look how happy they are to see santa.



One thought on “Spoiled rotten terrible.

  1. That is such a classic photo. I really love that photo! It’s good to set an example of giving to others. When I was little my mom, your Grandmom, would gather up my clothes that were too small-I mean I was spoiled beyond belief, and give them to either the family we knew from my school who had seven kids, 4 of them girls or to a family around the corner that were
    dirt poor. We would go together and I would see at an early age how much they appreciated getting these “things” that were just sitting in my closet. It made me feel good too and I never minded giving things away. It was nice to share my “things”.

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