To leash, or not to leash? That my dear, is the question.

I’m going to start this post by highlighting some of my recent outings with the terrible.

Walmart.  Ben was in the top part of the cart, and Alex was in the large bottom part.  As I’m yelling at Alex to stop throwing groceries out of the cart, he throws a can of beans at a little girls head.

Target.  Alex in the top part, Ben in the large bottom part.  Ben and Alex decided that while I was looking for shoes (for their fat little feet) it would be a good time to pull all the shoes that their little sausage fingers could reach.

The local mall. Ben broke free from the wagon ran into a store, shoplifted one left high heel then took off running down the mall.

The children’s clothing store.  Lost Alex in a sea of clothing racks.  Found him.  Lost Ben.  Found him.  Left.

In fact, all these times ended with us abruptly leaving mainly because to stay would mean another chance to cause mayhem. 

I don’t want to curb their independence or make them feel like dogs but safety is first.  Right?  I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem natural to a harness on them.  Afterall, they are 18 months.  This is what 18 month toddlers do.  Right?  Or did I give birth to some weird monkey/babies?  My fear is something bad will happen.  They are cute, I’m sure some crazy person would want to steal one or Ben with his love of all things truck, would run into a parking lot.

The stroller is not an option anymore as they will not sit in it to stroll anywhere.  We have a wagon that works well, (usually) but it doesn’t fit in my car.  I am not talented enough to push two shopping carts by myself, and i don’t have enough patience or upper body strength to carry both of them for an extended period time.

So do you, have you, used leashes for your children?  Do you think it is completely unacceptable to leash?  I need serious opinions because I am thoroughly confused on what to do.


6 thoughts on “To leash, or not to leash? That my dear, is the question.

  1. My dear daughter – you are going to have to do whatever you think is going to keep them safe and save your sanity. You will just have to put up with the stares and comments people are going to make as you “walk” them through the mall. Just close your eyes and ears to all of that and know you have control over the situation. Pray they don’t learn how to unleash themselves! Good luck!!!

  2. I’m a nanny and I think the leash can save your sanity and in some ways provide the kids with more freedom. At that age where the feet work a hell of a lot better than the listening skills it’s difficult to keep them out danger and out of chaos. Rather than pin them into a stroller or fear public outings altogether, a connection to you gives them room to walk without carte blanche to run amok!
    I write about babies and toddlers at

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