Welcome to the club!

Friends of mine just found out they are having twins.  I’m not really sure who is more excited.  Me or them.  They will soon join the parents of multiples club.  Boy oh boy, what a club it is.

Life is different with two at a time.  You have to do things differently.  You need more help.  You need more stuff.  You have more worries.  You learn how to juggle schedules, feedings, doctors appointments, and diaper changes. 

You become a master bargain hunter, (especially for diapers). You learn to budget money and time.  You learn to sleep when they sleep.  You also learn that daily schedules are a must.  You eventually learn to live with a messy house.

But most importantly, you learn that being a parent of multiples is the coolest thing in the world.  All the hard work pays off.  All the sleepless nights are forgotten.  All the worries seem trivial over time.  It always works its self out. 

Congratulations!  Welcome to the club.



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