99 problems and bedtime is one.

We are in day three of what I like to call: who needs sleep anyway?

In effort to keep our spider monkey children safe, we switched them to toddler beds on Sunday.  Such a big milestone was sorta lost on them, even though I cried a little.  They seemed more concerned with how much freedom was now bestowed upon them. 

Night one.  Running, jumping, dancing until midnight.  A nice little cat nap, then running, jumping, and dancing until four am.  A nice sound sleep til seven.  Up for the day.

Night two.  Exhaustion set in around 6:00.  They went down for a sweet one hour nap.  Bedtime rolled around and that nap totally bit me in the ass.  After nine pm, I decided that I needed sleep and so they went to bed too.  But they didn’t go to sleep.  They played and played, and played until they passed out in the same bed around 10:30.  Ok.  I’ll take that.  I’m not picky, just tired. 

Day three.  Nap time seems to actually be playtime without parental supervision in the room.  The bookcase was emptied, the sheets were strewn across the floor.  Diapers were cleverly placed in the window blinds.  It was a mess.  But on a positive note, they did fall asleep…in the same bed, one at the headboard and the other at the footboard.  Pretty stinking cute.

I have no idea what tonight will bring, I just hope they don’t figure the diaper genie out.




One thought on “99 problems and bedtime is one.

  1. So enjoyed reading this! It’s just what I expected…sleep, play play play, sleep. I mean that’s what they do all day so with this new found freedom why should it be any different! You just need to set up a snack station for them then they would be good to go! It would be such a bore with one. If it were just one they would want your undivided attention. This way with two they have each other. Why bother waking up Mommy and Daddy when we can have this much fun together!!!

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