Things I’ve learned about the terrible in the last five days.

Week one almost complete.  We have five nights sleeping in our toddler beds under our belt.  A few things I have learned in these past five days.

1.  If you give two 20 month old toddlers freedom, they will find and destroy things you didn’t even know you had.

2.  Falling asleep in their room for three hours, will result in them thinking you will sleep in there every night. 

3.  Even during sleep, (I mean sound sleep). My children never stop moving. 

4.  Given the opportunity to sleep in a bed or the floor, my children will sleep on the floor every time.

5.  They have the ability to headbutt you in their sleep and not wake up.

6.  Bedtime is merely a suggestion.  A suggestion that seems to be ignored now.

7.  They insist on sleeping in one bed, together, side by side.  Side note:  I find this to be incredibly sweet and endearing until one pushes the other onto the floor.

8.  My back hates me.  In fact my body screamed at me today and said, sleep in your own damn bed.

9.  Despite the complete lack of sleep, watching them get so excited to go to bed, makes it all worth it.

10.  Sheets, comforters, pillows, and stuff animals are not wanted, or needed and will be thrown onto the floor, where they will later sleep soundly with them.

I can’t wait til the novelty of big boy beds wears off and we can all go to bed in our own beds before midnight.


So tired.


3 thoughts on “Things I’ve learned about the terrible in the last five days.

  1. I can just picture it now. You lying on the floor with binkies stuck all over your face. Ben and Alex taking turn headbutting you and you snoring away. Motherhood. I love it!

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