Bath Time.

All I wanted to do was take a bath after the terrible went to sleep.  I don’t think that’s an awful desire.  Don’t we value cleanliness in this society?  I haven’t taken a bath since they were born. 

Convinced they were asleep, I started to run the water.  Got undressed and put an extremely fragrant Lush bath bomb in.  Finally, a little me time.  I step in the tub, and the moniter goes off. 

Alex: mommy, mommy, mommomomomom.
Ben:  ma.  Ma.  Ma!
Alex: mommy, daddy, I hurt.

I get out.  Soaking wet, I run in their room.  Flip on the light, and instantly get annoyed.

Alex: hi bye!  Mommy.
Ben: Ma!
Me: Alex are you hurt? What happened?
Alex:  bath?  Mommy?
Me: I was trying, but you said you were hurt.
(Alex holding out his hand)
Alex: it hurt.
Me: carefully looking at his hand, I find a hang nail.
Me:  you are fine.  Go to bed.
Ben: bed? 
Me: yes, ben the thing you are jumping on.

I leave.  Go back into the bathroom and add more water.  Silence.  Yes.  They are asleep.  As I’m about to get back into the tub, a loud crash and crying.

I run back in to find Ben stuck under his bed and Alex sitting on top of it. 

And this is why I am insane.  This is also why I gave up on doing anything for myself. 



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