See you later.

Still sitting here.  Sure it’s not next to you anymore.  None-the-less still here.  You’re not.  You went into the darkness and I hope you found the light.  I hope you understand that just because you’re not physically here, you are still here.

You are here in my children, and will be here in my children’s children.  I told you I was going to raise my boys in your image.  That’s more than a promise, it’s a fact.

They will be kind, loving, strong, and generous.  They will know that these gifts are from you.  They will remember you, maybe not from their own memories but through mine,  and my mother.  Through my sisters and brother.  Through my uncles.  Your legacy lives on in all of us.

You gave a piece of yourself to each one of us.  Whether it is kindness, a strong spirit, a generous nature or a soft spoken loving attitude; that’s from you.   Your morals weren’t preached.  They were shown.  You showed us how to treat people, to treat each other. 

If you had one fault it was giving too much.  Sometimes you gave more then you had.  Not just in tangible things but trust and time and love.  Even when you got hurt it didn’t change you.  It seemed to make you stronger.  You never harbored resentment or bitterness. 

As I still sit here writing this, I realize you still have so much to teach me.  I will continue to learn.  I already miss you.  I already have a hole in my heart.  But I will make you this promise, I will always do my best to make you proud.  Promise me to watch over Alex and Ben.  I have a feeling they may need a guardian angel by their sides….


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