I am *THAT* mother

I am that mother.  You know, the one that obviously doesn’t have her kids under control.  Especially in public.  The one that lets (seems to let) her children do anything they want.  Especially in public.  I am the one you all feel sorry for.  Or even get angry at.  Store employees cringe when they see us walk through the door.  They run, hide, never make eye contact.  (Which is fine with me because I’d rather not see the look of pity on your face). You may even feel the need to say things to me.  Things like, “Wow, sure got your hands full.” And “they don’t stop, huh!”.  Nope they don’t, sir.  How about you grab the door instead of watching with your mouth open?

It was never my intention to have out of control two year old toddlers.  It just kinda happened.  Before you ask, yes I have tried that.  What ever it is you are going to suggest, I’ve tried it.  Leashes.  Timeouts.  Favorite toys taken away.  Yelling.  Crying.  No snacks.  Spanking. (They actually laughed at me when I tried that) positive reinforcement, praise; all of it.  I’ve done it all.  They are two years old and they feed off each other.  So, I figure I have another year of uncontrollable crazy before the next awesome milestone. 

The next time you see a mother who doesn’t have their children under control try to remember she’s doing the very best that she can.  She’s tired, frustrated and annoyed just like you.  Offer a little help by opening the door or pointing her in the direction of which way her hellion kid went.  Just don’t judge her.  She knows that her kids are ridiculous and she knows you are silently chastising her parenting.

The post stems from a very unfortunate trip to the Sprint store today.  To those employees, I am truly sorry that you no longer have a window display.


Ben in time out, while wearing a clip on tie


Alex getting yelled at because he insisted on jumping in a dog pool and then sliding in the dirt.


2 thoughts on “I am *THAT* mother

  1. Every mother (and father) who has a two-year-old is THAT mother (or father). And if they tell you otherwise, they’re either lying to you or lying to themselves.

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