The leather, willow and pottery anniversary.

In three hours.  In three hours I will have been married to Jason for nine years.  It doesn’t seem like nine years ago that we took that faithful trip to Vegas and eloped.  It seems like yesterday I was meeting you for the first time.  Just yesterday. 

But you know what, Jason? We did.  And it was really that long ago.  We have told each other for nine years how much we love each other.  For nine years we’ve slept next to each other.  Nine years we’ve loved, laughed, fought, and loved each other a little more. 

I know I was broken when we met and some might argue that I still am.  But I know that I am complete when we are together.  You’ve had my heart since you walked into Brewster’s with your name on your shirt. Side note:  I’m really bad with names.  You’ve held my hand through some of the most difficult times in my life.  We welcomed the two most amazing babies into this world six weeks early.  We survived that first year raising twins.  And we seem to be surviving the second year too!

Aside from love,  I think the single most important gift we’ve given each other has been, laughter.  No one has ever made me laugh harder.  No one has ever made me laugh harder, at myself.  Everyday might not be great, but there is something great in every day.  You and our sons are always the great something in my day. 

Happy anniversary Jason.  I love you Sir Poops A Lot.  I love you, Cranky McStuffins.  I love you, Jase, more than I have words for.

Here’s to proving everyone wrong for nine years!



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