Good cop, bad cop.

Everyone has a breaking point.  Everyone.  I don’t care who you are.  Some just take longer to break than others.  I came home to this….


I turned into our driveway and saw my two children pantless, shoeless, and binkies in their mouths.  We do not live in sunny California.  It is a crisp, autumn day in south Jersey.  I see their father, my loving wonderful husband and blood started to boil.  This is the conversation we had

Me: umm, why do our children look homeless?

Jason:  don’t ask.

Me:  yeah, totally not going to fly.

Jason: well if you’re mad now, don’t go in the house.

Me:  boys, we need to put pants and shoes on.  NOW.  Then we can come back outside.  (Glaring at their father)

Jason: see boys you got daddy in trouble.

Me: oh no, don’t blame them.  They are two.

Jason: ok.  You’re right. Daddy got daddy in trouble.

I walked into the house to this….


And this….


So what I’m saying is I need a babysitter for the hours I’m at work.  Because clearly I am raising three two year olds.


4 thoughts on “Good cop, bad cop.

  1. Seriously lady, we are the same family living in different places. My two year olds and their two year old daddy are doing the same thing when I leave them alone for more than ten minutes!

  2. I think the two year old are currently winning, that’s when you just turn around and go back outside. Sit outside until the urge to kill passes and then attack the house again

    1. They are bad, but they are worse for Jason. Any guess as to why? He’s a big old softie and they run all over him. I have to pay the consequences. I love him and one of his greatest qualities is being gentle, but kids need boundaries. Did we not learn anything from the movie “Big Daddy”

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