Sugar bandits.

Alex:  mommy.  I want juice.  (Long pause) pease.

Me: sure sugar butt.  ( I fill a cup up with water). Here you go.

Alex: takes a sip.  Spits it out.

Me: Alex we don’t spit our juice out.  (Lie #783 of the day) you said you wanted juice, so I got you juice.

Alex: not juice!!! I want juice!  I want sugar! No mommy.  (Throws cup on the floor)

Ben: I want juice too mommy.  Sugar.  I want sugar too.

Me: nope.  Nobody is getting sugar.  End of story.  Drink your water juice. If you don’t behave you are going in timeout.

Alex: ok mommy.  I just want sugar.  And juice.  And cookies.  And pops.

Ben:  yes mommy.  Cookies.

Me: mommy is going to hide until you are 12. Ok?

Ben:  ok mommy.  Mommy go hide.


Ben and his pink pumpkin

7 thoughts on “Sugar bandits.

    1. I made the mistake of bribing them one day with a lollipop. I haven’t heard the end of it since. Due to some severe food allergies, the only cookies they can have (I don’t bake myself) is Oreos. And to top it off, their “juice” is actually only a fourth juice mixed with water. I guess once you get a taste, it’s all over.

      1. I know… My kids would go crazy on weekends… Eating sweets, drinking juice, softdrinks like there’s no tomorrow… I don’t really like that, but at the moment it’s just really difficult to stop it, well, at least it’s only on weekends! There’s nothing wrong with drinking diluted juice, eating some cookies and the occasional sweets on a daily basis, actually I’m wondering if it’s better than letting the kids go crazy once a week?

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