The Santa effect.

I watched the Polar Express for the first time ever today.  I got chills when Santa made his grand appearance.  The boys, not so much.  I love the magic of Christmas.  I love the warmth and togetherness we all feel and I love the spirit that surrounds the holiday.  Christmas is a huge deal in the Reinert house.  It always has been.  Even when it was just the two of us.  Now it’s the four of us and I can’t wait to share my love for it with the terrible….we may have to wait a couple more years.

An actual conversation between the terrible and myself while watching the Polar Express.

Me:  guys look! Santa is coming out!!!

Alex: mommy lets cook in the kitchen.

Me: but mommy is watching the movie.  LOOK SANTA!

Ben: (cautiously looking at the t.v.) no mommy, I don’t like him.  Scary.

Me: but Santa is magical.  He brings good little boys presents.

Alex: Alex is good. 

Me: sometimes.  Ben is good too.

Ben: I get presents mommy?

Alex: presents from the store?

Me: no, presents from Santa.  He makes them at his workshop at the north pole.

Ben: Ben is good.

Me: so you like Santa?

Ben:  (deep in thought)…..*no.

Me: what about you Alex?

Alex: Pease cook in the kitchen mommy?

Me: I love Santa.

Alex: mommy is a good boy so you get presents.

Me: sure.  I guess so.

Ben: I don’t like him.  Scary.

And with that, I think we need to watch a few more movies and chat a little more about the big man in the red suit.  Hopefully our visit will go better than it did last year….



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