A love letter to Mr. Clean.

An open letter to Mr. Clean.

Dear Mr. Clean,

I love you.  Let me be more specific…I love your magic eraser.  As a mother of twin tornados that love all things crafty and messy, you are my hero. 

See just the other day the tornados were painting.  Let me paint that picture for you. 

Two, two year olds with ten pieces of paper on the floor holding two paint brushes each.  As the paint threw across my kitchen, none of it making onto the ten pieces of paper, I thought, wow they are either genius artists, or evil geniuses…

Eventually, paint made it to the ten pieces of white paper.  As I looked around at my redecorated kitchen and children, I said bathtime! While taking a bath, I remembered that I still had one magic eraser left. The good lord was smiling down on me afterall.

The eraser took all the paint off the floors, walls, cabinets and appliances.  Thank you.  If you could work on being able to get paint, crayon, and marker off a dog…I would divorce my husband and run away with you.

Yours truly,

Laura (multicolored painted hair) Reinert.

The terrible twos works of “art”


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