The Scariest Noises You’ve Ever Heard.

5 noises that make me want to curl up in a ball and hide under the bed.

1.  The toilet flushing and my not yet potty trained children are nowhere to be found.

2.  Giggling followed by a crash, followed by belly laughter, followed by a crash and finally, screaming.

3.  Silence.  Silence followed by quick moving foot steps and then giggling.

4.  The words:  I wanna watch mighty machines mommy.

5.  The ever quiet noise that a metal truck sounds like falling down my staircase.  Always followed by the words Oopps, sorry mommy.

For the record, all of these noises happen daily and daily I think this is it,  They are going to need to sedate me and take me to my quiet place….

And for the record, it hasn’t happened yet.  Here’s to another day of mediocre parenting!


Yeah that’s right I taught them to play fetch…
And let them dress themselves…


5 thoughts on “The Scariest Noises You’ve Ever Heard.

  1. Adorable. I’m thrilled for my little one to make it’s gran entrance in about 5 months. Can’t wait for moments like these!

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