Things I Want.

This is a list of things I want. 


1.  I want to use the bathroom without an audience which always includes no less than six hot wheel cars.

2.  I want to sit for longer than three minutes before someone needs something.

3.  I want to shower without having to say, please close the curtain.

4.  In the middle of the night I want to be able to get up without tripping over those same cars that watched me in the bathroom.

5.  I want to have a conversation once and be done with it.  Not have the same one everyday for a solid week.

6.  While talking about talking,  I want to have a conversation without being interrupted six times for a cup of juice/snack/toy/or to fix a toy that they broke.

7.  I want a clean house for more then four hours.  (While they are sleeping)

8.  I want my backyard to look less like a little tikes graveyard and more like a serene quiet park.

9.  I want my children to stay clothed for more then twenty minutes.


10.  Most importantly,  I want to walk into my house and not see penis.  Seriously, are my kids the only ones who have an aversion to underwear and pants?

I realize that these wants, are just sweet dreams that may never be attainable.   And surprisingly,  I’m okay with that, except number ten.  I really ready to stop seeing penis.


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