My friends are better than your friends


Congratulations!   Tommy and Julie. 

10 reasons my friends are better then you friends.


Two of the absolute best men in the world.

10.  We fight.  We yell.  We call each other names.  We always make up.

9.  We know what to say and when to say it.   Granted this doesn’t mean we say it, but we know we should.


I love this one and it will get framed.

8.  We know exactly which buttons to push.  And we push them.  Every single chance we get.

7.  We accept that no one is perfect and we are all going to make mistakes.


This one I’m not going to explain.

6.  We celebrate successes and morn failures as if they were our own.

5.  The stories.  All the stories.  Embarrassing, funny, sweet, sad, embarrassing.  Did I mention embarrassing?


Jazz hands!

4.  The door is always open.

3.  Trust.  The best part of friendships, at least the ones I have, friends have seen you at your worst yet still love you.  Afterall, they have a choice unlike blood.  They hold the secrets, they share your fears, and will still be there when you call. 


The groom and some dude I don’t know.

2.   Again, this might just be my friends but, they protect.  They do their absolute best to protect me from myself, from dangers, and from situations that may hurt.  Because I’m stubborn as a mule, I usually do what I want, when I want…but they try.  And I love them for it.

1.  No matter how much time passes between seeing each other,  or even talking to each other, we pick up exactly where we left off.  There is no anger, no jealousy, no awkward silence.  Literally just laughter and love. 


I am truly blessed to know some of the most amazing people in the world.   To call you my friends just doesn’t seem right.  You are my family.  And I love you all.


My phone was stolen at some point and there some pretty amazing pictures were taken.


Once the pretty dress came off, it became pure mayhem.


When we were still coherent.


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