Confessions 2015 edition


2015 confessions

1.  I am continually creeped out my kids.  The things they do would make monkeys ask why.

2.  I like Taylor Swift.   There I said it.  It was painful to come to terms with but now that I have, I can download Shake It Off.

3.  I have not cooked a real meal in 2015.  I don’t count chicken nuggets and mac n’cheese a meal.  (Currently the only thing crank and spank will eat)

4.  I sneak candy when they aren’t looking.

5.  I’m not so tough.  In fact, I’m so sensitive, I cry regularly.   The tough girl act is just that…an act.

6.  I might go insane if I walk into my house one more time and see naked children.

7.  I throughly enjoyed being asleep before the ball dropped on new year’s eve.

8.  I might be the only 30-something woman that doesn’t like wine.  Give me a bottle of miller lite any day.

9.  My Christmas decorations are still up.

10.  I’ve never made a new resolution but this year I did.  It’s a big one.  I probably should have started smaller, like putting my Christmas decorations away before valentine’s day.



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