We’ve got that cabin fever

Things I’ve learned about my children since winter began


1.  They can and will eat 45 lolipops in 20 minutes if you aren’t paying attention.

2.  They truly believe that flatulence is hilarious.  One day they are going to love the movie, Dumber and Dumber.

3.  They can follow rules, they just choose not to.

4.  They love fire.  (This scares me so much)  luckily we have a brick house, that I really don’t like very much.

5.  They will stick up for each other while simultaneously blaming each other.  I believe this is also a skill of most politicians.

6.  The phrase, “Mommy, I love you.”  is sweet to hear until you realize it’s because they flooded the bathroom.

7.  Anything can be destroyed while I’m cleaning the kitchen after dinner.

8.  Stubbornness runs strong in our family.  Really strong.  Like, incredibly strong.

9.  Legos are actually instruments of death.

10.  Having two extremely active and curious boys trapped in a house for three months isn’t healthy for anyone, especially me.



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