●Happy VD!●


Over the last ten years Jason has given me thousands of flowers.  (I have a thing for flowers).  When we met I was not in the best of places, mentally, physically,  and definitely not emotionally.   I explained to him that my new goal was to stop and admire all the beauty in this world.  We never know how much time we will have to savor the little things.  I didn’t want to get too busy, too bogged down to stop and smell the roses.  So he bought me roses every week.  This lasted for roughly 7 years.  Once the boys were born, life got crazy and the little things had (out of necessity) had to get pushed to the side.

He still buys me flowers for no reason, just to say, stop and smell them.  Remember the beauty in this world.  And it’s one of the many reasons I love him. 

The rule has always been, do not buy me flowers on valentine’s day.  They are marked up, poor quality,  and I generally loathe the “holiday”.  But since I am a woman and I am totally bi-polar when it comes to all things lady like,  I want freaking flowers.  But he is forbidden from buying them. 


So if I have any secret admirers out there, I like these.


Or these.  But if you really want to impress me


These will work perfectly. 

I hate that I am such a girl about this holiday.  It’s not a holiday.  It’s an excuse for businesses to make money, the lonely to feel lonelier,  and for men never to live up to the expectations Hallmark has created.


And pinterest too. 

In closing, if someone, anyone except my husband, could buy me some flowers that would be awesome. K thanks.  Love you,  mean it.


2 thoughts on “●Happy VD!●

  1. I always think that buying flowers is so un-original. I want to come up with something more awesome like what would be in a movie. But nothing more awesome ever comes to mind so I end up doing nothing . . . . . Guess I should just buy the flowers.

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