I always wanted twins!

Strangers say lots of silly things when they see crank and spank. 
Things like:
Double trouble!
Better you then me!
Sure do have your hands full
Are they twins?
And my personal favorite as of late…
I always wanted twins.

Well since you always wanted twins let me break it down for you.

Let me know if you still want a set.

1.  You will love being pregnant with twins if you love going to the ob/gyn as often as you change your underwear.

2.  You will love having twins if you love being worried about things like twin to twin transfusion, cervix shortening,  dilating, and peeing in a cup four times a month (or more).

3.  Twins will be for you if you love the idea of being pregnant for 50 plus weeks, because that’s what it feels like at six months.  Just imagine, you’ve got another two/three months to go!

4.  Speaking of which, if premies sound fun multiples are for you.  Crank and spank came six weeks early.  NICU time is another fun possibility with twins.

5.  Once you have birthed them and brought them home, the real fun begins.  Can you change two diapers at once?  Well you’re going to have to learn and learn fast. 

6.  Feeding two babies at once?  Same thing.  You are going to have to learn fast.  Heaven forbid one or both have colic… (both mine did)…godspeed.  godspeed.

7.  Hey you made it!  They are walking.  WAIT!  THEY ARE RUNNING!  In opposite directions.  Get your running shoes on.  It never stops.

8.  Two heads are better than one.  Also, four hands, four feet and curiosity make for some pretty awesome messes.  Crank and spank have done things that nightmares are made of. 

9.  You have pets?  That’s nice.  Right around this time your pets will start actively looking for new homes.  There is nothing scarier then two toddlers chasing after you.

10.  Potty training.  Just potty training.

11.  If you are lucky enough to have two bathrooms ar some point in unison you will hear, Wipe my butt!  Is there anything sweeter in this world then that?  Running floor to floor of your home to wipe poopy butts is my idea of a great time, and workout.

12.  Money.  Do you have lots of it?  You are going to need it.  Everything times two.  At the same damn time.  Everytime.   No exceptions.  

13.  Forget the diaper expense,  the food expense for two growing boys is enough to keep us in the poor house well into retirement.  And from what they tell me, it only gets worse.

14.  Developmentally,  twins share the same timeline.  But that doesn’t mean they will share anything else.  So start buying two of every toy, blanket, tee shirt, and book that you see.  In fact the only thing my two have shared in three and half years is my womb.

15.  There is one thing that makes all the hard work, tears, bruises, and screams worth it.  When they run over throw their little arms around my legs and say, Mama, I love you.  You are the best Mama in the whole world.  (Granted their world extends to our backyard)

I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.  However, I do believe you have to be one sick f $*@ to “always wish you had twins”


Our Easter portraits.   Darling aren’t they?  P.s.  not our cat.  Our cat moved into our neighbors house.



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