♢♤♡♧●VEGAS OR BUST●♢♤♡♧

I just returned from a girl’s trip to Las Vegas.  Me and two of my favorite women in the world set out for a trip of mayhem and foolishness.   Topped off with a little ridiculousness.


We were set!  Booze, check.  Bathing suits, check.  Fun loving attitudes, check.   Three mothers, wives and friends for a hundred years, check!  We were going to unleash our crazy selves on the city of Las Vegas!  The city might not ever be the same after our three days there.


Day one:  we are tired from traveling and the three hour time difference…so we relax by the pool and have some cocktails.   We turn in early, promising to party hard the next day.


Day two:  starts at the pool.  Of course cocktails, swimming and sun.  It was perfectly relaxing.  Exactly what three working mothers needed.  We have dinner, and realize we are tired.   It must have been the sun.  The sun always makes you tired.  We ride the New York New York roller coaster and call it a night. 


Day three:  the day we leave, start with a little pool before we check out…no cocktails, no one wants to be drunk on a plane.  We head to the airport with plenty of time to have lunch and board the plane home


I’ve learned that we are old.  We grew up.  We value sleep and being on time and relaxing.   Our lives are so busy every single day that just laying by a pool sipping a frozen rum drink was all we needed.  In fact, it was exactly what we needed.  It gave us time.  Time for ourselves, time to only think about us.  Time to stop and nap if we wanted to, shop if we wanted to, talk to each other, without interruption.  It was exactly what we needed.

We talked about life, about old times, about our families and our kids.  We talked about careers and retirement funds, college funds, and health insurance.  

No one ended up in jail.  No one ended up in Mexico.   No one puked, or got into a fight with a stranger.   Twenty years ago, all those things could have happened and not one person we know, would have been surprised. 

We grew up ladies! 


I love you ladies!  I’m so glad we’ve weathered all the storms and remained true to ourselves.


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