The boys are in their 4th full week of camp.  We had a rocky start.  Lots of tears, begging, and separation anxiety.   They cried too. 

I have a few reflections on school camp.

1.  Other moms scare me.  I just don’t know how one handles a preschooler and an infant.  Just when I thought my twin mom thing was hard,  in walks a pregnant woman with a infant carrier dragging her four year old behind her.  Whoa!  Give that woman a metal, better yet a massage and some ice cream.

2.  Since the boys are the only set of twins in the camp, I found myself giving lessons on twin pregnancy.  Fun fact, so have the boys.  “We look alike because we are twins.”  “We were in mommy’s belly together.”  They are finally beginning to understand that not every child has a twin.  But children and adults have a harder time understanding that in fact, they were in my belly together.

3.  Alex is going date older women.  He couldn’t care less about children his own age and sits with his teachers.  He has a love and she is roughly fifteen years older than him.  I need to start prepping myself now for the inevitable.  He’s going to marry a cougar.

4.  They are in fact able to listen.  They just choose not to listen to me or their father.  For a moment I thought they might be deaf.

5.  They are able to follow instructions and rules.  See above.

6.  The four hours that they are in camp and I am home alone, gives me ample time to watch funny cat videos and surf facebook but that’s all.  I call this my decompression time.  Code for being lazy.

7.  Youtube is like a wormhole.  I get sucked in and come out in another time and place.

8.  My little babies that drove me so crazy, that made me wonder if they would ever grow out of premie clothes, are growing up.  And it hurts a little.

9.  Although I don’t long for diapers, around the clock feedings, or lugging a diaper bag everywhere, I do miss their chubby little cheeks and chunky legs.  Not enough to have more though.

10.  I’m excited to see them grow and develop into young boys.  Just not too fast. 



One thought on “Reflections

  1. Loved reading about crank and spank! They are a surprise a minute! Love that YOU got some quiet time while they were in school. You need that for your sanity for sure! Still think you need another set of twins—girls this time!

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