A Day In The Life

Overheard conversations~


Alex:  Hey brother wanna tickle my butt
Ben:   Yeah, yeah, but will you smack mine?

Alex:  Brother, you have toothpaste on your eye.
Ben:   Where?
Alex:  on your eye.
Ben:   oh.  I put it there

Ben:  Alex?  Alex?  ALEX!
Alex: what?  I am a kitty right now and my name is kitten.
Ben:  Kitten?  Wanna dig outside?  With….Alex?
Alex:  only if kitten can come.

Alex:  brother?  Wanna play with our babies?
Ben:  yes.  We have babies?
Alex:  well they are monster trucks.
Ben:  oh yeah I want to play with our babies.

I’m not entirely sure I’m doing this parenting thing correctly if these are the conversations they are having. 


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