Since I quit my job in August I haven’t once regretted the decision.   Not once.  My children are happier (I think) and I am doing what I love, and my husband no longer has to do the dishes or the laundry and he gets to sleep in most days.

With all that said, My God, staying at home is hard with two little people.  Trying to balance working, the house, the lives of crank, spank, and Jason all while never really leaving the house is exhausting.   I’ll run you through a typical day:

7 am- rising and shine mommy.  The sun woke up.

8 am- outside running, jumping, mud, dirt, power wheels, dump trucks

8:15 am- put pants on.

8:16 am- come in for breakfast.

8:20 am- put pants back on to go outside.

9:00 am- I attempt to check my emails.

9:01 am- wipe poopy butts, dishes, bathrooms, try to write.

9:05 am- put laundry in the dryer (the load that never made it from the day before) start new load.

10:00 am-  write.  Try to write.

12:00 pm- lunch while proofreading and editing.

1:00 pm- pants back on to go outside.

2:00 pm- send emails, try to complete a pitch while refereeing mortal combat wars in the yard.

3:00 pm- bandaid duty, bath duty, snack bitch.  Try to write

3:05 pm- nap time.

3:06 pm-  amazing ideas enter my head as I lay in bed.  But I don’t write them down.

4:15 pm- pants on, ideas gone, rejection emails.

5:30 pm- dinner.  2nd bath, remember there is laundry in the washer. Try to write

6:30 pm- snuggle time

6:31 pm- monster jam in my living room. Clean up time. 

7:30 pm- tv time.  Send some more emails.  Read over latest articles.   Try to write

8:30 pm- bedtime, bedtime, bedtime

9:30 pm – 2:30 am- Write.  Get mad, write some more, delete it all.  Write it all again.  Watch terrible TV.




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