The boys are in their 4th full week of camp.  We had a rocky start.  Lots of tears, begging, and separation anxiety.   They cried too. 

I have a few reflections on school camp.

1.  Other moms scare me.  I just don’t know how one handles a preschooler and an infant.  Just when I thought my twin mom thing was hard,  in walks a pregnant woman with a infant carrier dragging her four year old behind her.  Whoa!  Give that woman a metal, better yet a massage and some ice cream.

2.  Since the boys are the only set of twins in the camp, I found myself giving lessons on twin pregnancy.  Fun fact, so have the boys.  “We look alike because we are twins.”  “We were in mommy’s belly together.”  They are finally beginning to understand that not every child has a twin.  But children and adults have a harder time understanding that in fact, they were in my belly together.

3.  Alex is going date older women.  He couldn’t care less about children his own age and sits with his teachers.  He has a love and she is roughly fifteen years older than him.  I need to start prepping myself now for the inevitable.  He’s going to marry a cougar.

4.  They are in fact able to listen.  They just choose not to listen to me or their father.  For a moment I thought they might be deaf.

5.  They are able to follow instructions and rules.  See above.

6.  The four hours that they are in camp and I am home alone, gives me ample time to watch funny cat videos and surf facebook but that’s all.  I call this my decompression time.  Code for being lazy.

7.  Youtube is like a wormhole.  I get sucked in and come out in another time and place.

8.  My little babies that drove me so crazy, that made me wonder if they would ever grow out of premie clothes, are growing up.  And it hurts a little.

9.  Although I don’t long for diapers, around the clock feedings, or lugging a diaper bag everywhere, I do miss their chubby little cheeks and chunky legs.  Not enough to have more though.

10.  I’m excited to see them grow and develop into young boys.  Just not too fast. 


♢♤♡♧●VEGAS OR BUST●♢♤♡♧

I just returned from a girl’s trip to Las Vegas.  Me and two of my favorite women in the world set out for a trip of mayhem and foolishness.   Topped off with a little ridiculousness.


We were set!  Booze, check.  Bathing suits, check.  Fun loving attitudes, check.   Three mothers, wives and friends for a hundred years, check!  We were going to unleash our crazy selves on the city of Las Vegas!  The city might not ever be the same after our three days there.


Day one:  we are tired from traveling and the three hour time difference…so we relax by the pool and have some cocktails.   We turn in early, promising to party hard the next day.


Day two:  starts at the pool.  Of course cocktails, swimming and sun.  It was perfectly relaxing.  Exactly what three working mothers needed.  We have dinner, and realize we are tired.   It must have been the sun.  The sun always makes you tired.  We ride the New York New York roller coaster and call it a night. 


Day three:  the day we leave, start with a little pool before we check out…no cocktails, no one wants to be drunk on a plane.  We head to the airport with plenty of time to have lunch and board the plane home


I’ve learned that we are old.  We grew up.  We value sleep and being on time and relaxing.   Our lives are so busy every single day that just laying by a pool sipping a frozen rum drink was all we needed.  In fact, it was exactly what we needed.  It gave us time.  Time for ourselves, time to only think about us.  Time to stop and nap if we wanted to, shop if we wanted to, talk to each other, without interruption.  It was exactly what we needed.

We talked about life, about old times, about our families and our kids.  We talked about careers and retirement funds, college funds, and health insurance.  

No one ended up in jail.  No one ended up in Mexico.   No one puked, or got into a fight with a stranger.   Twenty years ago, all those things could have happened and not one person we know, would have been surprised. 

We grew up ladies! 


I love you ladies!  I’m so glad we’ve weathered all the storms and remained true to ourselves.

I always wanted twins!

Strangers say lots of silly things when they see crank and spank. 
Things like:
Double trouble!
Better you then me!
Sure do have your hands full
Are they twins?
And my personal favorite as of late…
I always wanted twins.

Well since you always wanted twins let me break it down for you.

Let me know if you still want a set.

1.  You will love being pregnant with twins if you love going to the ob/gyn as often as you change your underwear.

2.  You will love having twins if you love being worried about things like twin to twin transfusion, cervix shortening,  dilating, and peeing in a cup four times a month (or more).

3.  Twins will be for you if you love the idea of being pregnant for 50 plus weeks, because that’s what it feels like at six months.  Just imagine, you’ve got another two/three months to go!

4.  Speaking of which, if premies sound fun multiples are for you.  Crank and spank came six weeks early.  NICU time is another fun possibility with twins.

5.  Once you have birthed them and brought them home, the real fun begins.  Can you change two diapers at once?  Well you’re going to have to learn and learn fast. 

6.  Feeding two babies at once?  Same thing.  You are going to have to learn fast.  Heaven forbid one or both have colic… (both mine did)…godspeed.  godspeed.

7.  Hey you made it!  They are walking.  WAIT!  THEY ARE RUNNING!  In opposite directions.  Get your running shoes on.  It never stops.

8.  Two heads are better than one.  Also, four hands, four feet and curiosity make for some pretty awesome messes.  Crank and spank have done things that nightmares are made of. 

9.  You have pets?  That’s nice.  Right around this time your pets will start actively looking for new homes.  There is nothing scarier then two toddlers chasing after you.

10.  Potty training.  Just potty training.

11.  If you are lucky enough to have two bathrooms ar some point in unison you will hear, Wipe my butt!  Is there anything sweeter in this world then that?  Running floor to floor of your home to wipe poopy butts is my idea of a great time, and workout.

12.  Money.  Do you have lots of it?  You are going to need it.  Everything times two.  At the same damn time.  Everytime.   No exceptions.  

13.  Forget the diaper expense,  the food expense for two growing boys is enough to keep us in the poor house well into retirement.  And from what they tell me, it only gets worse.

14.  Developmentally,  twins share the same timeline.  But that doesn’t mean they will share anything else.  So start buying two of every toy, blanket, tee shirt, and book that you see.  In fact the only thing my two have shared in three and half years is my womb.

15.  There is one thing that makes all the hard work, tears, bruises, and screams worth it.  When they run over throw their little arms around my legs and say, Mama, I love you.  You are the best Mama in the whole world.  (Granted their world extends to our backyard)

I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.  However, I do believe you have to be one sick f $*@ to “always wish you had twins”


Our Easter portraits.   Darling aren’t they?  P.s.  not our cat.  Our cat moved into our neighbors house.


For the love of crank and spank

It’s been an emotional week.  Filled with lots of tears, lots of second guessing, and lots of worry.  In times like these, children can really put things into perspective.  

Things said by crank and spank while Charlie  (our cat) was dying this week.

1.  We can get in a big airplane and visit him in heaven.

2.  Don’t cry mommy.  Charlie loves you.  We love you.  

3.  (While crying themselves)  I’m going to miss Charlie.  The doctor can’t make him better?

4.  Are there toys and treats in heaven for Charlie?  He likes treats.

5.  How will Charlie get to heaven?

6.  Mommy?  Are you still sad?  Charlie is in heaven now?  But he’s happy.  He has all those treats.

7.  I miss Charlie.  Will he jumping on the clouds?

8.  But what if we get a Really big airplane.  Can we go visit him and Leroy (our other cat that passed away) then?

9.  Mommy?  Can I give Charlie a kiss? 

10.  I love Charlie.  I love you. 

It breaks my heart and fills my heart all at the same time. 

We tried really hard not let Charlie’s death consume us this week, but it seemed reminders were everywhere we turned. 

We made bunny crayons and wore bunny ears.  We danced and sang silly songs, but our hearts were heavy. 

Some of the greatest people I know have fur.

Someone told me having a pet is like selling your soul to the devil.

They give this amazing happiness and unconditional love but then the devil comes knocking for them.  Some of the hardest moments in my life have been saying goodbye to a furry family member.

This time is no different.   Saying goodbye has never been my forté.  It appears as of now, we will have to say goodbye to Charlie, our cat.  He is a fighter.  He has fought and won a lot of battles but this infection seems to be winning the war.


Charlie hiding under the christmas tree this year

He survived being dumped off by his previous owners.  He survived, lord knows how long, outside before he found us.  He survived a broken leg that was so bad, the vet told to put him to sleep.  He survived daily maulings from twin boys and the love from a 76 pound American Bulldog.


The 76 pound American Bulldog

I’m afraid this is the end of the road though.  He is one of my best friends.  I can trust him with every secret, every fear, and every silly idea I have.  He has never told a soul.  He has never judged me.  We’ve never been in a fight, except that one time when I wouldn’t give him anymore treats.  He’s always been there to comfort me when I’ve been sad and lay with me when I’ve been lonely.  He’s the best to talk to because he listens so well.  Granted he’s hard to have a conversation with because he’s a cat but still.  Who really needs a two way conversation?


Over the next 24 hours we will have to make one of the hardest decisions pet owners have to make.  In honor of Charlie and all of our furry family members taken too soon,  hug your cat, dog, hamster, iguana, bird, fish a little tighter tonight.  Tell them how much you love them and maybe give them an extra treat…for Charlie.

Thanks for the memories.

The horrible things my children have said today…

1.  Mommy stop dancing…and singing.

2.  What is that man doing.  (It was a woman and she heard him)

3.  Mommy I did REALLY, really big poops.  Wipe my butt.  And sorry I got some on the floor.

4.  Please don’t look at me.  I don’t like your face.

5.  I found scissors.

6.  Your belly is squishy.

7.  Your butt is squishy.

8.  Why are you so squishy.

9.  I don’t like you much today.

10.  I love you.   Well not as much as daddy.


Prison tats.


This is my, ok, I get it face.

●Happy VD!●


Over the last ten years Jason has given me thousands of flowers.  (I have a thing for flowers).  When we met I was not in the best of places, mentally, physically,  and definitely not emotionally.   I explained to him that my new goal was to stop and admire all the beauty in this world.  We never know how much time we will have to savor the little things.  I didn’t want to get too busy, too bogged down to stop and smell the roses.  So he bought me roses every week.  This lasted for roughly 7 years.  Once the boys were born, life got crazy and the little things had (out of necessity) had to get pushed to the side.

He still buys me flowers for no reason, just to say, stop and smell them.  Remember the beauty in this world.  And it’s one of the many reasons I love him. 

The rule has always been, do not buy me flowers on valentine’s day.  They are marked up, poor quality,  and I generally loathe the “holiday”.  But since I am a woman and I am totally bi-polar when it comes to all things lady like,  I want freaking flowers.  But he is forbidden from buying them. 


So if I have any secret admirers out there, I like these.


Or these.  But if you really want to impress me


These will work perfectly. 

I hate that I am such a girl about this holiday.  It’s not a holiday.  It’s an excuse for businesses to make money, the lonely to feel lonelier,  and for men never to live up to the expectations Hallmark has created.


And pinterest too. 

In closing, if someone, anyone except my husband, could buy me some flowers that would be awesome. K thanks.  Love you,  mean it.