Having twins is expensive.  It is really expensive.  Example:  On Tuesday I received a shipment from diapers.com.  It included a box of 156 diapers and 600 wipes.  I used the many promo codes and was quite proud of myself for saving close to twenty dollars.  Tonight I realized, I need to reorder.  Reorder 156 diapers.  Apparently, my children poop A LOT.  I also realized that my children are difficult.


As I was researching the site for the best deal, I had to veto any generic brand because my children are difficult.  There is a significant savings if you buy the generic however, my children will develop a diaper rash from anything cheap that touches their little butts.  See, difficult.  They unfortunately get this from me.  I have an aversion to anything cheap.  Actually, not me, my skin.  Which made me think, what other awful traits are they going to inherit from me?


Impulsive-  I have gotten myself into more trouble being impulsive.  Now with that said, I  have also done some really great things impulsively.  Example:  I married my husband after three and a half weeks of knowing him.  In Vegas no less. Best thing I have ever done.   For every good example, I have ten really bad reasons why being impulsive is not a trait I want to pass along.


Money management skills or rather lack of-  I try really hard to be on top of our money and it’s comings and goings.  I just don’t have the brain for it.  I try, and fail every month.  Why I cannot remember to pay certain bills on time (the same time every month) is beyond me.  I don’t go on shopping sprees or wild girls weekends but for some reason we can’t seem to save more than five dollars a month.  It is so frustrating.


My addictive personality  This is a hard one to admit, mainly because I know it’s true.  Before I got pregnant I discovered Redbull.  It was the first drink I had when I left the hospital after giving birth.  I have had a Redbull every day since then.  And not those little eight ounce shots, no I found a twenty ounce can.  Jackpot!!  Thank god, I never tried doing drugs.  I would have been the worst junkie ever.  But I would have been a junkie.  I pray the boys take after their father with this.


Holding grudges-  I have a real problem with cutting a person off and never speaking to them again.  Ever.  To add I tend to make it quite clear that they will never see or hear me again.  Forgot I exist because I already forgot about you.  With this particular trait also comes trust issues.  I hope the boys always find the silver lining in every cloud.  I truly hope they lead with their hearts and guts. I don’t want them waiting for disappointment.  Disappointment is a part of life however, I hope they can look at the positive side instead of the negative.


So basically I hope they turn out like their father.  Wow, this post really depressed me.  Damn it where is my Redbull?  I think I need some vodka in it now.